Sunday, 26 February 2012

Big skincare mystery

Glamour magazine is one of my favourites and I'm always impressed with their free samples and gifts.  Normally I know what I'm trying out, but not this time.  There is a free sample of a mystery product, which they call a wash and mask cleanser.

The packaging is simple and you have the choice to either use it as a wash or as a mask.  I chose to use it as a mask.  The 3ml sample was just enough to put a generous amount on my face.  The scent is fresh and it's a pale green colour.  I left the mask on for 3 minutes and could feel my skin tightening as it dried.

I've found some masks in the past quite difficult to remove once they've set, but this on isn't too bad.  It was easy to remove and my skin felt really clean, bright and radiant.  

I can't wait to find out what the product is.  All will be revealed on 1 March at

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