Sunday, 26 February 2012

Cargo 6 in the bag! by Mimi Spencer

I've never tried any of the Cargo products before.  I've always wanted to have a go with the LashActivator, which is supposed to make your lashes appear longer in just 30 days.  

I picked this little set up from Boots the other day.  I couldn't resist - normally this costs £26, but I got it for just £6.50.  A massive saving of £19.50.  

The kit contains the must-have LashActivator black mascara and CheekActivator in rose.  There's also a lip pencil, a lip gloss, an eye pencil and One Base - which is supposed to be like a concealer and foundation. 

I love the CheekActivator.  It looks like a white cream at first.  You can choose the intensity of the colour by how much you rub the product.  It's a really natural rosy colour and has a beautiful glow.  

The size of the products are perfect to take away in the cute make up bag and they're all really practical, natural colours.  

Has anyone else used Cargo products?  what did you think?  

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  1. I've used Cargo lipgloss before that I got in Glossybox and love it even though I'm not a huge lipgloss person. This set looks fab, I didn't realise Boots stocked Cargo