Thursday, 26 April 2012

Primed and poreless SPF 20 bronze tint face primer

This product has been out a while now, but I stumbled across it while I was out shopping.  I’ve been on the look out for a primer and to be honest I think I was sucked into the idea of this having a bronze tint to it.
I don’t like to wear really thick makeup and prefer the more natural look.  You can actually get this without the bronze tint, but I thought this would be ideal to use over spring and summer.

When I squeezed a small amount of the product out of the tube, I must admit I had my doubts.  It’s a quite a dark brown-orangey shade, but surprisingly blends to leave a subtle, warm, sunkissed glow. The bronze finish is really nice. 

The added SPF is another bonus – I feel like I’ve got my moneys worth here.  I was worried that it could be a bit heavy, but I can honestly say it applies like a really well and doesn’t feel at all greasy. 

I luckily don’t have large pores, but if you do, I don’t think this would apply very evenly.  Or, if you’ve got pale skin, this would probably leave you with a nasty looking streak around your face. 

I prefer not to use this all over my face and use it to give a sunkissed glow – so it’s not for those who want to put a layer of primer and then cover it over with a layer of their favourite foundation – that would slightly defeat the idea of having a bronzer included. 

Would I buy it again? I do really like it, but I would be tempted to buy it without the bronzer, especially for during the winter months when my skin is paler.  However, I’m really happy with the brand, so I’d be happy to use this again.  You can pick this up from the high street at your local Boots store for just over £20. 

What do you think of Too Faced products?  


  1. When i seen this i was haha :P
    i dunno if i like this or not ahah

  2. I thought the same thing, actually had it in my basket the other day and cause I wasnt sure on this one I put it back:)..I only own their eye shadow palettes
    Sara xx

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